Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sweet and Sour Chicken

I have been a bad blogger :/
I have been out of town for the past three weeks and now that I'm back in Savannah, I'm doing an internship and classes which have kept me busy. However here is a delicious recipe that I made for my mother when she came in town a couple weeks ago. It's healthy because it's baked instead of fried and it was pretty simple and doesn't require a ton of ingredients even for the sauce! I got the recipe from this site (Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken) and I didn't tweak it but I do have a few hints for you and some pictures!
  • Don't go too heavy on the cornstarch when dipping. and do dip cornstarch then eggs but shake off excess egg
  • Like the recipe says, DON'T cook the chicken all the way in the pan, look at my picture if you need help with when to take it out of the pan
  • Don't forget to turn your chicken every 15 minutes so that it cooks evenly

Assembly line: chicken, cornstarch, eggs
Chicken in pan
chicken just out of oven :)
Served with rice and salad with balsamic dressing! YUM!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I was in SPAIN!

Hey everyone!
Sorry I haven't posted in so long. I had finals, then graduation, then I went to Spain! I have a new recipe to post but it will have to wait for a couple weeks for technical difficulties.
However! In the meantime, I just got back from a trip to Barcelona and Granada Spain so I'm going to make a list of my impressions of spanish food.

  •  When in Spain you should probably stick to Italian food. 
    •  They have really good pizza and pasta if you can find it. I had a pizza with onion, pear, tomatoes, goat cheese and honey. I know it sounds disgusting but I'm going to try to make it here because it was delicious!
    • Spanish food is actually not very good at all haha or healthy. The don't have a lot of fresh stuff and they eat a lot of meat and fried things! Who would've thought?!
  • When in Spain, go to Granada and do a "tapas crawl"
    • I invented this word, but basically Granada, Spain was one of the coolest places I've ever been and if you go to a restaurant or cafe and order anything (even just a water!) they bring you a free tapas. You don't get to pick but normally it's pretty good and it's free!
    • So basically just go around to different cafe's ordering drinks and you will be full after about 4 free tapas!
  • When in Spain, expect to eat a lot of ham.
    • These people love their ham. It's on everything: pizza, toast, vegetables, it's even served by itself on a plate as a tapa.
    • I witnessed a small child point at a dead pig hanging outside a restaurant and the server smiled and chopped off a piece and handed it to the delighted child like it was a lollipop. The whole thing was very strange. I don't get it, but if you go to spain, I hope you like ham.
  • When in Spain, Tapa and Sangria yourself.
    • Sangria is delicious. It tastes actually a little spiced cider-ish. But really I drank Sangria at ever meal and they have cool straws with spoons on the end to eat the fruit with.
    • Tapas are the best invention for a picky eater like me. They're basically like small appetizers and you just order a bunch and share. You get to try a bit of whatever and you get to share it so if you don't like something hopefully your companion does, and it helps you avoid ordering a bunch of stuff you'll never eat. I was a big fan of tapas.
  • When in Spain (or really anywhere in Europe), eat Ketchup Chips and gelato daily.
    • Ketchup chips- I love them, you will love them. They taste like french fries, just trust me. 
    • Gelato- I don't need to explain this concept but you will get fat if you do this daily probably but I really happen to think that once you explain to people the 50 extra pounds is from daily gelato they will just be extremely jealous.
  • When in Granada, try a Churro
    • but not just anywhere or it may suck. There are key places that have the best ones so ask around.