Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Crock pot Chili

The weather is getting chilly here in Atlanta! I like it because I get to wear my boots and layers (I am SUCH a girl) but I dislike it because warming my lovely house gets expensive so I've been keeping the thermostat at 65 and walking around the house in various robes and blankets haha.

BUT! another pro about cold weather is all the fun food. Hot tea, hot chocolate, the salted caramel mocha at starbucks haha, apple cider; thanksgiving is right around the corner so that brings lots of delicious food and another winter favorite is CHILI!

My mom makes the best chili (if you've been reading any of my posts then you would understand that her chili recipe is probably on the back of some package at the supermarket just like her cookie and jam recipes haha that I grew up thinking were some secret special recipe). However, this is not her chili recipe this is brought to your from your faithful friends at google ("crockpot chili")

It got good reviews. It was easy and it was cheap and as poor post-grads we intend on eating it for the next 2-3 days. (these are all of the reasons I started this blog- to bring to you delicious, fast, somewhat healthy and preferably inexpensive recipes)

So since this recipe is not original in any way shape or form you can access it here!
Also keep in mind:
  • you need a crock pot (if you don't have one, you should invest in one- my mom is awesome and got me a nice one from Sam's club that came with a cute mini one for fondue BUT! my old roommate found a perfectly good one at Goodwill for 5$)
  • It takes 7 hours to cook
  • If I did it again I would add a can of corn 
  • This recipe is for VERY mild chili (I'm a complete baby when it comes to spice and this is perfectly fine- so if you like spicy chili add some peppers or red pepper flakes and more cayenne pepper than the recipe calls for)
  • I also made corn muffins to go along with the chili straight from a box of Jiffy :)

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