Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I tried this new recipe today and I was so excited to post pictures and the recipe but...I messed it up. So I just thought I'd quietly scoop it down the disposal (or give it to my boyfriend who will literally eat anything, this is both endearing at times and gross at others) but instead! I decided that cooking failures are EXACTLY why I created this blog so I needed to share my mess as a "what not to do"

Here is the beautiful recipe picture:

 And here is my version (I used tri-color rotini cause it's what I had):

I messed up the sauce :( . It has that gritty texture that really turns a delicious meal into something pretty gross. It tastes fine, it even looks fine, but it just bothers me. Basically, I melted the cheese in the milk too fast. Ways to avoid this: use a double broiler to avoid hot spots in your pan, melt with less heat, add cheese in small clumps so you can monitor the melting more efficiently. A way to correct this (I haven't tried it but would be interested to see if it works): mix cheese sauce with a mixer at highest speed to dissolve the clumps.

To find the recipe click here. It was super easy and fast and looked like it was complicated and not-fast haha. In the future I will add more sun-dried tomatoes, not screw up my cheese sauce, and maybe finish it in a casserole dish with breadcrumbs on top for more of the traditional mac and cheese feel. 

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