Tuesday, May 1, 2012

There's something I should confess before I start...

I can't really cook...
or at least I'm learning, which is why I made this blog. Being a college student it's hard to eat healthy and eat fast particularly when you have no idea how to make anything and often recipes get so complicated and there's that one little "step" in them that tells you to do something that you don't understand how to do and it ends up taking you an extra hour to call your grandmother or your mother and ask them what exactly it means to "puree" something. (Ok maybe that's just me)
     Anyways, I created this blog because I want to show the simple tricks I've found as I've begun cooking. I want to share easy fast recipes that are mostly healthy (but I won't be including calories etc) and that can be made for just one person.
     Basically this is a non-housewife blog on cooking. I'm not cooking for a family, I'm not cooking for "dinner guests". I'm cooking for myself and sometimes friends because I'm tired of eating packaged noodles and I have found cooking is actually a little fun (I never thought I'd say this much less start a cooking blog).
     So what I want to promise my readers (or followers, not that this is a cult I swear) is I will provide you with food that is relatively easy, on the cheaper side and healthier and now and then there will be something completely impractical thrown in (such as summer ice cubes) which will just make you happy.


  1. Hi Colleen, I like your blog. the recipes are always loved by new cooks (single, college, people on the go) and "old" cooks looking for new ideas. I found a blog, i guess it is, called The Pioneer woman cooks. You may like it too, she has great photos and funny comments.
    take care,
    congrats on your upcoming "walk" and i know you and claire will have fun in spain!